Know Your Customer

Get closer to your customer, so you can plan, optimize, and deliver in-demand products and services.



For Stakeholder Alignment

This 2-hour workshop is the best way we know to kick off a new project. We will gather a team of 5-7 diverse stakeholders and work our way through a series of exercises. 

In this workshop, you'll:

  • Level-set project goals 

  • Define project scope

  • Record hypotheses & assumptions

  • Determine measurable outcomes

  • Resolve alignment issues

  • Co-create an inspiring vision

  • Create a living record to maintain alignment and organization

  • Leave with a template you can use for future projects

This workshop helps guide the entire project, especially research. Plays well with The Research Sprint.


 5 Days to Insights

We'll discuss your needs, develop lean research plans, and implement rapidly.

Your Insights & Action Report is delivered 5-7 days after plan approval. We do: 

  • Participant recruitment & scheduling

  • Moderated & unmoderated remote testing

  • User interviews & surveys

  • Prototype testing

  • Heuristics and usability testing

  • Market and competitive research

Plays well with The Vision Workshop, Personas & Journeymaps, & The Visionary Design Sprint.

Methods may be combined to get deeper insights. View a recent project.


Visualize to Influence 

At Snapdragon we’re confident that if you’ve lost that loving feeling for personas, we can help rekindle a spark. Our philosophy:

  • Personas are not exclusive or elusive

  • Personas belong to everyone

  • Personas are easily accessible and editable

  • Personas reflect real customers and potential customers

When we expand personas to create customer journey maps, we're able to visualize customer timelines and pathways. These immersive maps give us access to innovative ways to engage customers at trigger points along their journey.

Personas and journey maps are powerful tools for for any business. Contact us to see examples of personas that work.


Rapid Prototyping

All you need to develop and test a prototype in under a week. Just bring an open mind, a willing team, and a problem to solve. No special skills or previous experience needed. We'll do the rest. We're experienced facilitators of Google Venture-style design sprints. Our method, The Visionary Design Sprint is a 3-day version of the classic 5-day sprint. We use our own tools to leapfrog to success.

We'll spend 3 days together from 10am to 4:30pm. On day 4, we'll be heads down to set up your prototype and we'll test it on day 5. The following week, we'll present the insights and share highlight clips from testing with recommended next steps. 

The benefits of our method:

  • More fruitful than a retreat or team-building activity -- for about the same price

  • May result in amazing new products and services

  • Outside facilitation reduces bias and hierarchy

  • Less downtime for your team

  • Focus on the creative process

  • Stop stale thinking and unconscious assumptions

  • Start thinking bigger and long-term

  • Outsource busywork, like recreating a prototype sketch in digital form and scheduling participants

Check out a recent project that led to a new app for a client.