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Snapdragon Strategy's 8 Success Factors

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

8-Factor Success Coaching is a unique coaching method developed by me, Snapdragon’s founder. Coaching is offered to Snapdragon’s business clients and a handful of individuals each year.

How it Works

We’ve identified the key 8 factors that determine individual success and we measure proficiency in each area, as defined by a person’s current or aspirational career path. Then, we follow a 4-step process to achieve results for our coachees.

The Steps

  • 01 EXPLORE & ASSESS Assess current strengths and areas where there’s a loss of power or full expression

  • 02 WORK YOUR PLAN Work your step-by-step plan. Your coach is your accountability partner and guide.

  • 03 WIN, LOSE & LEARN Track what’s working and learn from mistakes. Experiment and stay positive.

  • 04 RECALIBRATE Take time to reflect and acknowledge your work and the journey. (Rinse & Repeat)

The 8 Factors

The 8 factors are a tool to examine the current state of a person’s career and identify the “transformation gap” so we can realize aspirational goals. New clients will receive a written assessment after their first deep-dive session. You’ll notice that many of these fall into the category of skills often labeled as soft-skills, such as communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership. Don’t be fooled by fluffy labels. These are the the skills of a mature and sophisticated professional; they are the most important skills you can develop to improve your career and your life. And, on the flip side, if you don’t give them your attention, they will sabotage you.

1. Experience/Knowledge

How far have you come in your experience and knowledge to date? We’ll take stock and take an honest look at your capacity and potential from an experience and knowledge standpoint.

2. Tools

What tools do you have in your professional arsenal and what additional tools could you add to make you more effective? This might be software, hardware, code, or even a method of problem-solving.

3. Education

How might your formal qualifications be bolstered? Degrees and certifications still matter in most fields. If this is a growth area for you and you’re inspired to take action we’ll work on a plan to unblock your progress.

4. Reputation

Reputation is complicated and a challenge to assess. We may not be universally liked, even when we produce great work. There may be aspects of every personality that others find difficult or abrasive. Our goal is not to be liked by everyone, but to know ourselves well enough to choose our behavior and make amends when stories from the past hold us back. Together, we’ll work with self-awareness and others’ feedback to assess and manage reputation. It’s possible to make dramatic and fast improvement in this area!

5. Communication

Clear, kind, and concise? Confusing, irritable, and long-winded? Your communication tends to be a reflection of your inner world and inner dialog, which may vary on a daily basis for some. Together, we can look at our written, verbal, and strategic communication to find ways to make it more consistently powerful. We will learn to express ourselves in new ways that positively impact our mood and mindset, rather than vice versa.

6. Emotional intelligence

Empathy. Listening. The ability to read people and situations. Emotional intelligence is a type of intelligence but it’s also a complex skill set that develops through life experience, trial and error, and even painful or embarrassing experiences. A big part of the coaching journey is self-awareness and willingness to change. This is especially true where emotional intelligence is concerned. Through exercises and challenges, we can create breakthroughs quickly. The good news is that most people are always improving their emotional intelligence, even if that change may seem slow.

7. Leadership (team/thought)

When we ask people to define the word “leader” we get a lot of different answers. Snapdragon defines leadership in an expansive way. We believe that leadership is available to anyone, regardless of level or comfort being in the presence of others. Some of the most incredible leaders we know are painfully shy, reclusive people who are committed to deep work that is accomplished mostly in private. How will you express your leadership? We will challenge you to step into leadership more fully in a ways that work for who you are.

8. Income

Income, for many, is the most important and concrete indication of their success. Truly, it’s a data point that can’t be disputed, but we should resist viewing salary as the reality of our worth as professionals. Income varies widely from place to place and situation to situation. It may be a reflection of what an employer can afford or what an employee can negotiate. Rest assured, your current income is not set in stone and can be bolstered in dozens of ways. Even if you’ve been told a raise is not in your immediate future, together we can find new ways to bring in more income and, if earning more money lights you up, this will be a fun game we create together.

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